The $20m loan announced by the Deputy Prime Minister will accelerate redevelopment plans enabling Port Tarakohe to play a significant role in the Golden Bay economy and lifestyle. 

The loan, terms of which are still to be finalised, will fund essential redevelopment to address and cater for the expected growth in mussel tonnage (2,200 hectares in the next three years) in Tasman and Golden Bays, said Mayor Tim King. “Currently the Port’s configuration does not provide sufficient capacity, infrastructure or the appropriate food safety capability. 

“Redevelopment will enable Port Tarakohe to take its place as a strategic contributor within the region’s and country’s ocean economy providing not only local employment but also the catalyst for further investment with the surety of the appropriate infrastructure. 

The funding also recognises the Port’s amenity value enabling development to benefit recreation users through the relocation and expansion of private berths.  

The proposed redevelopment of the Port includes the separation of the commercial and recreational areas and an increase in commercial marine berths to cater for; 

  • the growth in mussel associated vessels,  
  • more working wharf space, 
  • a food grade wharf area (separated from existing rock and dolomite activity), 
  • extension of the rock arms to provide more shelter in the Port, 
  • the creation of a replacement recreational marina and, 
  • harbour master building. 

“An important factor in the current plans is the retention of the Port’s environmental value to the community. As a known nesting area for Little Blue Penguins the plans will take into account a zone for their nesting boxes and protection from predators. 

“The Port has already proven its value as a point of resilience and connectivity for Golden Bay following the recent closure of the Takaka hill road. The redevelopment will further protect and preserve this essential role in the event of future disasters.”