The last remaining water restrictions in Tasman District have been lifted with immediate effect. 

Dennis Bush-King, Convenor of the Dry Weather Task Force said that recent rain has seen the Dove River flowing at Cowing Bridge and the 25mm of rainfall is sufficient to lift restrictions.

Humphries Creek, the source of the Dovedale rural water supply, has a residual flow of about 5.5 l/s. This means the restrictions on the Dovedale Rural Water supply have also been lifted.

Dennis said that lifting restrictions on 5 May is the latest that water restrictions have been lifted since the 1990s when the Council began using them. “Perhaps another sign of a changing climate which underscores the ongoing need to carefully manage our water resources so they can meet the needs of the community over the whole year, including measures to conserve and augment water supply.”

The Council will prepare a hydrological summary for the District and report to a future Council meeting.