The Tasman District Council today adopted its Annual Report for 2017-18, outlining the work it has carried out and its year-end financial position.

Following the largest annual population increase since 2004 (reaching an estimated 51,200 by 30 June 2017), there was an upsurge in building consents for new homes, with 406 issued in the year – again the highest number since 2004.

The expected challenges of growth were exceeded only by unforeseen challenges created by extreme weather – ex-cyclones Fehi and Gita in February caused widespread damage and upheaval and required an expensive, time-intensive clean-up.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said the report was an important part of the Council’s accountability to the community, reporting back on its achievements, challenges, and financial management for the year.

“We’ve ended the year with a net debt position of 141 million, $18 million lower than forecast and well under our self-imposed debt cap of $200 million. I’m also pleased this year’s rates income increase was just 0.63% (excluding growth) - significantly less than the 2.16% increase forecast and also well below the self-imposed 3% rates cap.

“The financial picture for the year is strong, and I’m really proud of that. We will continue to be careful with our finances and maintain our debt and rates caps. However, the numbers only tell a small part of the story. The work we do is about providing the infrastructure, facilities and services our community needs to flourish, about safeguarding our environment and natural treasures, and about working with our communities to achieve more than any of us could alone.”

Richard said the Annual Report outlined some of the work the Council had carried out to achieve those goals, including completion of the Queen Street Upgrade and Saxton Velodrome projects, support for the Te Waikoropupu Springs Water Conservation Order application and progress on securing funding for the Waimea Community Dam.

Completed Projects

  • Queen Street Upgrade
  • Saxton Velodrome
  • Richmond Housing Choice planning rule changes
  • Motueka flood resilience upgrades – Poole Street and Wilkie Street
  • Wastewater upgrades – Motueka, Collingwood and Kaiteriteri
  • Mapua Waterfront Masterplan
  • Establishment of joint regional landfill
  • Motueka Museum earthquake strengthening
  • Long Term Plan 2018 - 2028                       

Tasman’s Year in Numbers

  • $2.4 million – final operating surplus
  • $141 million – net debt
  • 63 % - rates income rise
  • $43 million capital spending
  • $70.8 million – rates income
  • $79.2 million – other income (eg. Development contributions, fees and charges, forestry)
  • 406 new home building consents issued
  • 51,200 – population at 30 June 2017