Pigeon Valley Fire Update 68: Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted
Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted Civil Defence Group Controller Roger Ball has lifted the conditional re-entry status for Wakefield. The decision was possible because of the work that had been done in fighting the fire and means people living and working in Wakefield are no longer subjec...

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News in December 2018

Change to Freedom Camping Bylaw

The Council has adopted a change to the Freedom Camping Bylaw 2017, allowing overnight camping in both self-contained and non self-contained vehicles at the Fittal Street...

Chief Ombudsman seeks feedback

The Chief Ombudsman recently began a self-initiated investigation into Local Government Official Information Meetings Act (LGOIMA) policies and practices within Tasman District Council.

If you have made...

Cobb Road reopens

The Cobb dam Road in Golden Bay has reopened.

Tasman District Council has been working closely with the co-owners of the road, Trustpower and the Department of...

Tasman Resource Management Plan Changes

Decisions on amendmentsCouncil has made decisions on the following Changes/Variations:

Change 67 (Waimea Water Management Technical Amendments)
Change 68 (Omnibus Amendments)
Variation 1 to Change 60 (Rural 1 &...