Rivers and Stream Management Fund

We provide financial support and advice to prevent stock access to waterways and to protect and enhance important habitat. 

The fund is available year-round, is allocated on the basis of ecological value, and there is no set limit to how much funding a landowner can obtain.

Please contact us to discuss your eligibility.

Why is it important to keep stock out of waterways?

Erecting fences along waterways to exclude stock creates riparian buffers and is the single most effective measure for reducing faecal contaminant and sediment loads in streams.

Establishing grasses, trees and shrubs within riparian buffers can further reduce contaminant loads and improve stream ecology by providing shade, habitat and a food source for native fauna.

This is an important part of good farm management, and has a variety of environmental and economic benefits including:

  • Improved water quality;
  • Greater bank and drain stability;
  • Enhanced habitat for wildlife;
  • Better nutrient filtering;
  • Improved pasture and stock management;
  • Fewer stock losses.

How can we help you?

The Tasman District Council can provide financial support to landowners for waterway fencing projects that meet certain criteria. This, and other types of support include:

  • Fencing materials to exclude stock from valuable habitat;
  • Providing trees and shrubs to stabilise soils and prevent hillslope and stream erosion;
  • Sharing information on the best management practises around the water/land interface;
  • Providing advice for enhancing native wildlife habitat in and around waterways.

Funding criteria

Financial assistance can be made available under the following criteria:

  • Approved works have significant ecological benefits - they contribute to the stability or health of the catchment system as a whole.
  • The landowner or occupier accepts responsibility for maintaining the works to a required standard.

Funding is not available where stock exclusion is already required by legislation or other agreement. Examples include as the Sustainable Dairying Accord, rules set out in the Tasman Resource Management Plan or resource consent conditions.


If you would like to apply for assistance, please contact the Council. An officer will visit the site with you and develop a work plan and assistance package.

Further information

For more information contact us.

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