Planning an event

Find out what you need to do to succesfully plan an event on public land.

The Tasman District is a vibrant region that hosts a wide range of festivals and events. Tasman District Council acknowledge the contribution these events make to the communities social and economic development.

Below we provide some guidelines to help you to plan and manage your event in the Tasman District. Depending on the event, you may be required to apply for consents, permits, licenses, insurance and for booking council venues and parks. You may also need to provide the Council with an event site safety plan and this will be dependent on the risks associated with the event.

Identify the purpose of the event
Target audience
Get your team together
Choosing event’s date and time
Choosing & booking location
Waste management
Traffic management and road closures
Fire permits
Selling Food and Alcohol
Risk management and health & safety
Funding and Resources
Advertising & Promotion
Trading in public places
Resource consent
Alcohol licence
Use an event plan
After the event
Further information

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