Matariki event 2020

Celebrate the Maori New Year


The star cluster Matariki appears in our skies in the month of Pipiri (June–July), marking the start of the Māori New Year. This year we are celebrating our local stars, heroes and heroines tuahangata/tuawahine during July 13-20. We have prepared the following events:

Matariki photography competition for young people in Tasman
Entry open from May 15. There are two categories: General Matariki and Local heroes – tuahangata/tuawahine. The best picture(s) will be displayed in the frame on the Richmond Library front wall. We're also preparing a slide show projection that will be available for the libraries to run outside. Please see here(external link) for more information.

Rock painting and rock hunting
We encourage people to paint the names (or portraits) of their heroes on small rocks and hide them in local parks for other people to discover. Before you paint your rocks please see the guidelines (pdf, 685 KB)

Lit night bike ride
A luminous pack of cyclists will lit the streets with their glowing and shining bikes and clothes. The cycling routes will be developed in advance. Each route will have a starting and a destination point. Families are invited to decorate their bikes with lights, ride along together to a destination point to have a hot drink, win some spot prizes and engage in an activity. Follow our Facebook page for updates and details on this activity. 

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