Friendly towns

Tasman District has special relationships with towns in the Netherlands and Japan.

Grootegast, the Netherlands

The Council has signed a friendly town agreement with Grootegast in the Netherlands to encourage economic and cultural relations between our districts.

The district's relationship with Grootegast carries a special significance. Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast, in the Grootegast municipality. Tasman is the earliest recorded European visitor to New Zealand in 1642. Tasman District, Tasman Bay, Tasman Sea, Tasman Village and Abel Tasman National Park all bear his name.

Kiyosato, Japan

Kiyosato and Motueka have enjoyed a friendship since 1990. There are regular exchanges of students and adults between the two towns.

Fujimi Machi, Nagano, Japan

Fujimi Machi and Richmond have an ongoing student exchange programme in place.

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