Waimea Fresh Water Land and Advisory Group

This page lists membership of the Waimea Fresh Water and Land Advisory Group (FLAG). It also provides background information and terms of reference for the group.


The Council has set up a Freshwater and Land Advisory Group (FLAG) for the Waimea Plains to enable greater involvement by the community and stakeholders in developing the water quality management provisions for Waimea water resources including the Waimea River, connected ground waters and its tributaries, including the Wai-iti River.

The purpose of the group will be to consider the existing and potential future water quality challenges in the Waimea Plains and develop solutions for managing the water quality effects of land use activities. The advisory group will prepare and recommend to Council draft planning provisions including policy and rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.


The Council’s Environment and Planning Committee selected the Advisory Group members from the nominations received from people with a significant interest in water management in the Plains, and appointed representatives from local iwi and the Council.  In their selection, Council considered:

  • the geographic spread of members;
  • knowledge of the range of water body uses and values; and
  • the ability of the applicants to work in a collaborative, consensus-seeking manner.

Waimea Fresh Water and Land Advisory Group Members

  • Dennis Cassidy, Orchardist
  • Gavin O’Donnell, Nelson Federated Farmers president
  • Heather Arnold, Forestry
  • Lawson Davey, NM Fish and Game Council
  • Martin Rutledge, Department of Conservation
  • Mirka Langford, Pastoral Farming (including dairy farming)
  • Philip Woollaston, Wine industry
  • Pierre Gargiulo, Vegetable growing
  • Dean Rainham, Consultant
  • Matt Hippolite - Iwi representative (Ngati Koata)
  • Zane Mirfin (previously the Tasman District Council Councillor appointee)

Meeting agendas, notes and presentations

Background information

A copy of the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group is available below:

Check out Council's programme for the implementation of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management:

View the map of the Waimea Water Management Zones:

Download bibliography of key reference documents: Waimea FLAG Document Bibliography

FLAG outputs

As a first step the FLAG group reviewed the existing management objectives for the Waimea catchment in the Tasman Resource Management Plan and developed a draft Management Objectives Framework to guide their decision making for development of water quality management provisions that will be added to the Plan. This framework is a series of statements outlining what the community value about the Waimea catchments and the vision for the future.

The FLAG sought feedback on this document from the public and stakeholders to ensure they had captured a representative view on behalf of the community. The feedback received and the Values and Management Objectives will be used to direct the next phase of work for the group in identifying how to meet the objectives, including establishing the water quality states and measures for meeting them.

Waimea FLAG Draft Values and Management Objectives

Ask a question or contact the group

  • Lisa McGlinchey Coordinator - Natural Resources Policy and FLAG co-ordinator