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Eco Buzzing Tasman is the sustainability blog/online platform for Tasman schools. All schools, kindergartens and ECEs are welcome to join and participate.

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Sign up to Ecobuzzing Tasman(external link)

In 2019 we are taking Eco Buzz online to be a more interactive communication tool. Eco Buzzing Tasman will help inspire and educate schools and communities on a variety of environmental topics.

Schools that sign up can access weekly updates from our team and connect with other schools in Tasman on the same journey of becoming more sustainable. Teachers and schools can also accumulate points for rewards through regular blogging.

How to take part

  • Step 1 – Sign up your school(external link)
  • Step 2 – Blog and share your eco/sustainability stories as often as you like, (photos) to earn rewards.
  • Step 3 – Enjoy the benefits: sharing resources, inspiration from other local schools and being connected for up and coming events and workshops.

Earn rewards

Each post earns your school points - and points can be redeemed for rewards and prizes.

For more information, contact

How to sign up to Eco Buzzing Tasman
About posts and points

You'll find heaps examples of of successes and useful classroom resources in our earlier issues of Ecobuzz.

View and download Ecobuzz pdfs in our archive

Previous copies of Ecobuzz are still available as a teaching resource.